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Council Seeking Community Feedback on Flood Studies in Jindera, Culcairn, Henty and Holbrook, please scroll down this page. 


Council recognises that flood insurance is available to all Australian property owners in a variety of policy formats designed to suit individual circumstances.  Residents in Greater Hume Council can choose to purchase products with flood cover as a standard inclusion, products that allow the consumer to opt out of the flood component, or products that exclude flood from the policy.

Residents of Culcairn, Henty and Holbrook will be aware that over the past two years flood studies have been undertaken which have included the development of detailed flood mapping for township areas. The completion of the plans will enable Council to apply for funding for flood mitigation works and once works are completed will reduce the number of properties subject to flooding. Additionally, in the near future, Council will exhibit the Culcairn, Henty and Holbrook Flood Plain Risk Management Plans seeking feedback from the community.
Council is now encouraging residents to view floods maps available for Culcairn, Henty and Holbrook to determine if their individual property is designated as flood prone as shown on the completed maps.
Flood maps are available for the public to view at any Council customer service office or below.
If residents have experienced significant increases in their insurance premiums there are a number of steps residents can undertake to assist with their insurance decision.
Firstly, identify whether the property is subject to 1 in 100 year flood event, as detailed on the available flood mapping, secondly, determine whether the resident’s property is subject to flooding and if they require cover for flood and thirdly, shop around for the most competitive premium. It appears there is significant variance in premium costs due to the range of mechanisms that insurance providers utilise to determine the degree of flood risk to individual properties.





Jindera Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan



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