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drumMUSTER in Greater Hume Shire

Greater Hume Shire Council drumMUSTER
DrumMUSTER will be held in the Greater Hume Shire Council on 27 and  28 October, 2016.
Holbrook  -  Thursday 27 October   -  8.30am to 4.00pm (waste depot)
Culcairn   -  Thursday 27 October   -  8.30am to 4.00pm (waste depot)
Henty       -  Friday 28 October        -  8.30am to 12.00pm (waste depot)
Burrumbuttock  -    Friday 28 October  -  1.00pm to 4.00pm (waste depot)
Walla Walla drumMUSTER
Saturday 8 October, 2016
From 9.00am to 11.00am
Drop off point is the Walla Walla old tip site on the Jindera Road. Collection is made on behalf of the Walla Walla Sportsground Committee. Contact: John Seidel 0429 039 322. (If you cannot make the above date, contact John for an alternative dropoff day.)
*Please note that Walla Walla drumMUSTER is not operated by Greater Hume Shire Council.
Only clean drums with the drumMUSTER logo will be accepted.
Empty containers must be correctly cleaned both inside and out and allowed to drain or air dry to ensure they contain no rinse water. All containers delivered will be inspected to ensure they meet the Agsafe container cleanliness standards.  Containers containing chemical residue will not be accepted. Clean containers collected by drumMUSTER are shredded or crushed and the materials used for recycling into materials such as irrigation piping and garden furniture. The drumMUSTER scheme is funded by a levy on crop protection and animal health products sold in rigid steel and plastic non-returnable chemical containers.

Waste Facilities Opening Times, Charges & Accepted Waste – Commencing 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

Walla Walla Landfill is currently closed to the public.

Day of Week Brocklesby Burrumbuttock Culcairn Gerogery Henty Holbrook Jindera Mullengandra
Facility Location 18 Lee Road 218 Burrumbuttock Brocklesby Rd 48 Schnaars Road 83 Coach Road 2216 Henty Pleasant Hills Rd 160 Tip Road 148 Dights Forest Road 953 Bowna Road
Tuesday     2pm – 5pm    


Wednesday             2pm – 5pm      
Thursday     9am –

2pm - 5pm  

    9am - 12 pm 9am –

1st Sunday

2pm - 5pm


3rd Sunday

2pm - 5pm

2pm –

2nd & 4th Sunday

2pm - 5pm

2nd & 4th Sunday

2pm - 5pm

2pm-5pm 2pm –


1st & 3rd Sunday
2pm – 5pm  

The following are accepted without charge where indicated by ✓; $ indicates that charges as detailed below apply; N/A indicates items are not accepted.
Scrap Metal  
Clean Fill N/A ✓ (limited quantities)   ✓ (limited quantities)  N/A
Green Waste $ $ $ $ $ $ $
e waste (separate charges apply) $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $
Car and Truck Batteries  
Oil N/A N/A   N/A

Recyclables (domestic quantities only) 240 litre bins

Cardboard & Paper (3m³ skip)  N/A  N/A  N/A N/A    ✓  N/A
Tyres N/A N/A $ N/A N/A $   $ N/A

Examples of Charges at Disposal Sites

(please click here for a comprehensive list of charges)

  Car Station Wagon(Load) Utilities and Box Trailer(Level Load) Tandem Trailers Trucks (Load) Commercial Waste Green Waste
Residents $10.00 $15.00 $15.00/m³ $15.00/m³ $15.00/m³ $7.00/m³
Non-Residents $17.00 $21.00 $28.00/m³ $32.00/m³ $28.00/m³ $17.00/m³
  • Council does not accept hazardous wastes, chemical drums (except as arranged on drum muster days) or animal carcasses.
  • Asbestos ONLY accepted at Culcairn Transfer Station.
  • It is illegal to dispose of Noxious Weeds at Council waste facilities.
  • Waste Facilities do not open 1 January, Good Friday, 25 April and 25 December.
  • All enquiries should be directed to Council’s Culcairn office phone (02) 6029 8588.


Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos is ONLY accepted at Culcairn Transfer Station.

Click Here for a Fact Sheet on asbestos

For information on safely disposing of asbestos waste, click here.

You can now access the Asbestos Products Database for homeowners and tradies along with a fantastic video called ASBESTOS IN YOUR HOME: THE ULTIMATE RENOVATORS GUIDE.


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