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Simple Actions for a Merry Green Christmas - The 12 Do’s of Christmas

 Over the festive season, we eat, drink, party and buy more than any other time of the year, but it’s also when we’re toughest on the environment due to the extra waste we generate and the extra resources we consume. 

In light of this, Greater Hume Council encourages everyone to check out Planet Ark's 12 DOs of Christmas website. It offers simple tips for making your family's Christmas special, without costing the earth - from fun festive recycled crafts, to feel-good gifts with meaning.

The 12 do's of Christmas

1. buy good quality decorations that can be reused or make your own.
2. check that your work Christmas party organiser sets up well-signed recycling options for the event.
3. find out what your recipients really want, or choose an experience or charity gift.
4. choose reusable or recyclable wrapping , like paper.
5. buy second-hand or give gifts made from recycled materials
6. prevent food waste – plan and serve smaller portions. Compost or worm farm your food scraps.
7. most food and drink packaging is recyclable. Sort and flatten it to fit as much as possible in your bin.
8. recycle old mobile phones, printer cartridges, computers and tablets that get replaced.
9. give a recharger pack with any battery-operated gifts. It’ll save money and reduce the gifts environmental impact.
10.ensure your car runs efficiently by inflating the tyres and tuning the engine, and old recycle your old car oil, tyres and batteries.
11. de-clutter the house – recycle from the yard, garage and attic.
12. see if your council has a special mulching service for live Christmas trees or take it to the garden section of your local recycling facility.


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