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DrumMUSTER 2018 Collection Dates Walla Walla

Drop off point is the Walla Walla old tip site on the Jindera Road.

Collection is made on behalf of the Walla Walla Sportsground Committee. 
Only clean drums with the drumMUSTER logo will be accepted.
Empty containers must be correctly cleaned both inside and out and allowed to drain or air dry to ensure they contain no rinse water. All containers delivered will be inspected to ensure they meet the Agsafe container cleanliness standards. Containers containing chemical residue will not be accepted. Clean containers collected by drumMUSTER are shredded or crushed and the materials used for recycling into materials such as irrigation piping and garden furniture. The drumMUSTER scheme is funded by a levy on crop protection and animal health products sold in rigid steel and plastic non-returnable chemical containers.
Time: 9am to 11am
2018 Collection dates:
Saturday 10 February 
Saturday 14 April
Saturday   9 June
Saturday 11 August
Saturday 13 October
Contact: John Seidel 0429 039 322
*Please note that Walla Walla drumMUSTER is not operated by Greater Hume Council.


Categories: Greater Hume Shire Events, Walla Walla Events (GHS)

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