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Holbrook Show is moving to March

Congratulations to Miss Marylou Hodges on taking on the challenge of Holbrook Show President for 2018/19.
Marylou is now 3rd generation in this role, following on from her father Gresham, grandfather Caleb, and her cousin Stephen Bunyan.
As the result of a very productive discussion at a recently held special meeting of the Holbrook Show Society, it was decided to not hold the Holbrook Show in November, but to move to Sunday 24 March 2019.
The change of date was primarily due to the increasing number of events being held during November, all of which are competing for participants and volunteers. We were fortunate in being granted permission to secure the date which had recently been vacated by Jingellic Show Society.
We are looking forward to the opportunities which an autumn show date presents, including a different range of pavilion exhibits.
Thank you to the large number of people who either this meeting or provided feedback. The positive response we have been receiving from this change is certainly encouraging.
Rita Bowler
0427 832 803


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