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Greater Hume – East Ward By-Election Saturday, 24 November 2018

Enrol to vote

A by-election will be held in the Greater Hume Council. - East Ward local government area on Saturday, 24 November 2018 to elect one councilor.

Non-residential Rolls

If you are an owner, rate-paying lessee, or occupier of rateable land which is not your primary residence, you or a nominee may be entitled to be enrolled on the roll of non-residential owners of rateable land or the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees for this election.

Details of the eligibility criteria and enrolment claim forms may be downloaded or obtained from Greater Hume Council, 39 Young Street, Holbrook, NSW 2644.

Claim Forms

The claim must be completed and lodged with the Greater Hume Council by 6pm Monday, 15 October 2018.

If a claim for non-residential enrolment was made for a previous election and you wish to claim enrolment for this election, you should re-apply.

Residential Roll

If you are enrolled in the Greater Hume Shire – East Ward local government area as at 6pm Monday, 15 October 2018 you must vote.

To check your enrolment details or to obtain a residential enrolment form visit or call 1300 15 736.

Enrolment forms are also available from any Australia Post Office. Enrolment forms must be received by 6pm Monday, 15 October 2018.

Voting in local government elections is compulsory for all electors included on the residential roll.


Nominate as a candidate

If you intend to nominate as a candidate, it is important that you read this notice.

As a candidate, you have certain obligations and responsibilities under law. Check the website for further details.

How to nominate

To nominate for councilor, you must lodge a nomination form and $125 nomination deposit by 12 noon Wednesday, 24 October 2018 with the council at 39 Young Street, Holbrook NSW 2644.

Candidate Information Sheets

Every candidate is required to lodge the candidate information sheet which is included in the nomination form.

Where to get a nomination form

Nomination forms and other important nomination and electoral information are available from the council or the NSW Electoral Commission website:

Where and when to nominate

Your nomination form and deposit must be lodged with council at 39 Young Street, Holbrook, from Monday, 15 October 2018 to 12 noon Wednesday, 24 October 2018.

You must also register to start campaigning

In addition to being nominated, candidates must be registered before accepting political donations or making payments for electoral expenditure.

The last date for registration is 12 noon, Wednesday, 24 October 2018. If you registered as a candidate for a previous election, you must reapply to be registered for this by-election.

Third-party campaigners to be registered

A person or organisation that incurs more than $2,000 in expenditure predominantly to promote or oppose a party or candidate or influence the vote between 10 October and election day needs to be registered as a third-party campaigner. Registrations close Friday 16 November 2018.

Expenditure caps at the by-election

Candidates and third-party campaigners can only spend up to a certain amount on electoral expenditure for this by-election. The expenditure caps that apply are $40,000 for each candidate and $2,500 for each third-party campaigner.

Nomination and registration forms, and the Handbook for Parties, Groups, Candidates and Scrutineers are available from the council or from the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Candidate enquiries should be directed to 1300 088 942 and third-party campaigner enquiries to 1300 022 011.


Information: or 1300 135 736

For enquiries in languages other than English call our interpreting service on 13 14 50

For hearing and speech impaired enquires, call us via the National Relay Service on 13 36 77

Greater Hume Council Wards Map, the Eastern ward is shown in yellow. Please click here to download the map.


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