Lost and Impounded Animals

Missing Companion Animals

Tips for when your companion animal goes missing:

  • Ensure their identification tags are correct, name and phone number with collars secure and fitted properly.
  • Do you know where your microchip information is? Place your animals microchip number somewhere you can assess easily.
  • Update microchip and registration information.
  • Important phone numbers (keep them in an convenient location):
  • Remember to microchip before 12 weeks of age and register with a NSW local council by 6 months of age.
  • Make a plan for when your pet does get loose/go missing.
  • Contact your local Council or pound as soon as possible.
  • When your dog or cat is found, the Council or pound can return your dog or cat to its home.
  • Check your fencing and yard. Is it suitable for your pets?
  • Fix and fill in your yard now. Digging under fences is a classic method of escape.


Companion Animals Act 1998

More details on the Companion Animals Act 1998 are available here