Living a Greater Life during COVID-19

We have outlined below some of the opportunities that living in our region offers in the wake of isolation.

Exercising in the outdoors during this beautiful Autumn weather is a true blessing and with the end of daylight savings jut around the corner there’s no better time to make the most of it. We have a variety of parks and walking paths where taking a dog for a walk, going for a bike ride or outdoor yoga are all achievable while adhering to social distancing. Due to the size of our communities it is easy to find a time that these areas are not over populated.

Happier to stay in the confines of your own backyard? Autumn is a great time to get out in the garden. Visit for a definitive guide on planting, pruning and pests along with oodles of DIY projects to inspire you. Now would be the perfect time to start your own veggie patch or draw up plans for a garden make over. If maintenance is more your thing jobs like cleaning the gutters, trimming away plants or trees from service points and spraying for spiders and weeds ensures a safe future for all beyond isolation.

If the kitchen is your arena visit where there are a great selection of recipes to try. Perhaps those interesting items that are left on the supermarket shelves will become ingredients for your new favourite meal. Now could be the time to trial making your own bread or make up a damper and have a back yard camp out with the kids. Stargazing is one of the luxuries we have living in the country so visit for your guide to Australian Astronomy.

Children love to be outdoors and inspiration for art can be found everywhere in nature. Go on a hunt and gather of your backyard or neighbourhood collecting Autumn leaves, sticks and pods. All of those empty toilet rolls have a creative life just waiting to be lived so jump onto for some ideas.

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