NSW-Vic Border Closure Holding Lines

Why is the border closed?

  • The NSW border is currently closed to people entering from Victoria and this restriction has been in place since midnight 8 July.
  • The border restrictions were put in place to protect the people of NSW from the significant spread of COVID-19 outbreaks in Victoria. Details of the restrictions are specified in the Public Health (COVID-19 Border Control) Order 2020.
  • The high number of cases and levels of community transmission in Victoria, indicated ‘seeding’ or transmission of COVID-19 from Victoria into NSW.  

    Border Communities

  • These decisions are not made lightly, and we are committed to supporting the people who live, work and play in border towns and thank them for keeping all of NSW safe.   
  • We know that the border closures have come at a cost for many people and we will continue to work with you as the restrictions continue.  
  • The Government designated a larger border region as a way of acknowledging that many border communities cross the state boundaries multiple times a day to go about their daily lives. The border region resident permit allows residents to continue to access health, education, care, work and relocations
  • We thank the residents who live, work and play in border towns for their patience and understanding about these closures.
  • We acknowledge that closing access to parts of your town or neighbouring towns has a direct impact on you and we thank you again for the efforts you are making to keep all of NSW safe. 
  • We know that has come at a cost for people and we will continue to work with you as the restrictions continue.
  • It is up to all of us to stay vigilant and do the right thing so we can stop the spread of this virus from getting into our community and endangering our loved ones.
  • Together with the Premier, the Minister for Health and Medical Research and the NSW Cross Border Commissioner, James McTavish, we will continue to work with people, businesses, community leaders and the Victorian Government to find the best way forward for border communities and to advocate on behalf of those most affected. 
  • The NSW Government will keep the border restrictions in place until the spread of COVID-19 is contained. 

    Health message

  • We all need to play our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  
  • By staying at home and limiting contact with other people, we can help protect ourselves, our families and our communities from coronavirus (COVID-19). 
  • With regional Victoria in level 3 restrictions, it is important that NSW residents in border communities remain vigilant with social distancing, hand washing, monitoring for symptoms and get tested if you have the slightest symptoms.
  • Please limit time out of home and if you are out and cannot socially distance from others, please wear a mask.


    How do I apply for a permit?  What is self-isolation?

  • To keep us all safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, there are only a few reasons to cross the border into NSW.
  • For details on the restrictions in place, visit the NSW Government website (nsw.gov.au).
  • To apply for a permit, go to the Service NSW website (service.nsw.gov.au) or call 13 77 88.
  • Remember that if you need emergency medical care over the border, you do not need a permit.  Your health is a priority.
  • It is more important than ever that anyone crossing the border follows the rules on their entry permit, including self-isolating when they return. 
  • Self-isolating means that you do not leave your home or other suitable accommodation for 14 days, unless you are getting medical care, complying with a legal obligation, an emergency, providing essential services or leaving NSW.
  • You are not allowed to let other people into your residence unless they live there. 

    What help is available?

  • To discuss the permit you need, call Service NSW on 13 77 88.
  • If your outstanding fines stop you from travelling across the border, please call Revenue NSW 1300 655 805 before you travel to discuss your options.