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Greater Hume Council maintains several cemeteries within the Greater Hume. 

Options for burials and reservations include Lawn, Monumental and Upright Memorial Sections. A number of cemeteries also have Niche walls, Columbariums and Memorial Gardens.

Burial information and reservations for the following cemeteries can be obtained by contacting the Culcairn office on T: 02 6036 0100 or by email at mail@greaterhume.nsw.gov.au.

  • Culcairn General Cemetery
  • Cookardinia Cemetery
  • Gerogery West Cemetery
  • Henty General Cemetery
  • Holbrook General Cemetery
  • Jindera General Cemetery
  • Moorwatha Cemetery 
  • Walla Walla General Cemetery
  • Walbundrie Cemetery


Management Committee Contact Phone
Bungowannah Cemetery Mr Shiphard     T: 02 6026 6129    
Burrumbuttock Cemetery Mr Barry Mott T: 02 6029 3339
Goombargana Cemetery Vicky and Darren Shipard M: 0429 617 310
Mullengandra Cemetery      Mr Bill McDonald            T: 02 6020 4232









Cemetery Plaque Information 

The payment of Burial Fees to Council for Lawn graves and Interment of Ashes, include a basic bronze plaque to a certain value – depending on the burial/columbarium and the current Council Management Plan. 

At some point in time following a funeral it would be appreciated if you could contact Council's Environment and Planning Department at the Culcairn Office, to discuss the plaque for the lawn grave/niche wall for your deceased family member.

Council will obtain a quote and proof of the plaque from our supplier. You will be advised of the additional cost over the amount allowed for in the Burial Fee (if any) and also a copy of the proof. You will be required then to check the proof carefully for spelling/dates etc and give approval for the plaque, or notify if any corrections need to be made.

The order for the plaque will then be issued to the supplier. Once the plaque is received it will be fitted at the cemetery and then Council will raise a sundry debtor account for the additional cost (if any) to the Executor of the estate or person nominated.


Upright Memorial Headstones

Available at Henty, Holbrook, Culcairn, Walla Walla and Jindera Cemetery – Lawn sections

Upright Memorial lawn sections are now available in Henty, Holbrook, Culcairn, Walla Walla and Jindera Cemeteries. These are new lawn sections which include a granite headstone fixed onto the concrete plinth.

The headstone set comprises of:

  • Headstone – apex design, polished finish back and front.
  • Base – rock edge finish to 3 sides the back is of base is polished.
  • 2 x granite block vases
  • 2 x vase containers
  • Gold gild lettering – first inscription only
  • Proof of Inscription
  • Installation

Three granite colours are available:  Blue Pearl, African Red and Black Galaxy. Natural, white, gold and silver font available. Options available at additional cost include ceramic photos and motifs.


Lawn Graves

The size of the plaque for the lawn graves is 381 x 216mm. The plaque may be a single plaque, double plaque with detachable small plates for individual information (if for couple in the one grave), or book of life (2 book leafs). The plaques may vary by different borders, emblems etc.


Niche Walls/Columbariums

The size of the plaque varies for the different niche walls/columbariums in the individual cemeteries under Council’s control within the Greater Hume Council area.


View our Cemetery Registers

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