Water Filling Station Drought Relief Assistance

Council at is November 2018 meeting resolved to immediately introduce an initial drought relief package as follows:

  • Residents of Greater Hume Council whose residence is not able to be connected to a reticulated water supply will be eligible to access Council operated stand-pipes at Jindera, Burrumbuttock, Brocklesby, Gerogery and Culcairn.
  • Eligible residents will be issued with an appropriate electronic key at a reduced cost of $100 (current cost is $295), fully refundable when the resident no longer requires access to Council stand-pipes, OR, by 30 June 2019 whichever is the sooner on return of the key.
  • All water purchased by eligible residents under this arrangement, including residents who already hold an electronic key, will be charged at the current minimum price of $1.70kl
  • Contractors delivering potable water to residents of Greater Hume Council will be charged $1.70kl for water (as opposed to the current price of $3.00kl), subject to confirmation being supplied by the contractor that the water was delivered for domestic use.
  • This initial relief package will conclude 30 June 2019 at which time Council will consider further drought assistance should conditions remain unchanged or worsen.

Find below the information and application forms.

Water Filling Station Overhead Standpipe Information Application Drought Relief Valid to 30 June 2019 Water Supply(PDF, 179KB)

Various Water Carters Drought Relief Assistance Notification Valid to 30 June 2019 Water Supply Form(PDF, 68KB)