Council News from June Council Meeting

Published on 23 June 2020

COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way Council can run its monthly meeting.  Councillors attended the June meeting held at Holbrook, observing social distance rules.

You can view the recording of the meeting at  The meeting was not open to the public.

Business dealt with at the meeting included:

Council resolved to submit to Department of Planning, Infrastructure & Environment a planning proposal for changes to the zoning and minimum lot size for four parcels of land in the vicinity of Culcairn.  The intended outcome is to create additional opportunities for a range of residential development in Culcairn.   

Subject to soil and groundwater contamination investigations, Council resolved to approve a motel and food business in Albury Street, Holbrook.

So that the Walbundrie community can gather and socialise, Council has endorsed the Walbundrie Recreation Ground to be used on an ongoing basis for the service of meals and alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Council confirmed ‘without prejudice’ a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for the proposed Walla Walla Solar Farm. Should the Walla Solar Farm be approved by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Council agrees that the terms outlined in the VPA could form the basis of an acceptable agreement.

Council adopted the five year business plan and annual budget for operations at the June meeting including a 2.6% rate increase and freezing water, sewerage and domestic waste charges at 2019/2020 charges. Two submissions were received during the recent public exhibition of the draft plan. 

Council has lodged grant applications totalling $3.2M for two significant road projects which will require Council to contribute 50% if successful. The projects are

  • Reconstruction and widening of five bridges at Wantagong on Jingellic Road.
  • Reconstruction and widening of 1.95km of Culcairn Holbrook Road, 3km east of Morven.

A tender for flood mitigation investigation and design works was accepted for the townships of Jindera and Walla Walla totalling $109,845 (excl GST) was accepted.  It is expected that the project will take 12 months to complete, and once completed Council will be then eligible to apply for grant assistance to implement improvements to drainage infrastructure to reduce future flooding in those towns.

In relation to relaxation of restrictions due to COVID-19, at this stage all Council services have resumed with the exception of use of public access computers at libraries and mobile library services.

All other facilities may be open with restrictions and if in doubt please contact Council.

Under the COVID-19 Local Government Economic Stimulus Package, Greater Hume is eligible to take up the grant of $199,988 to offset the increase in the Emergency Services Levy.  Council did, however, resolve to complain to the Office of Local Government with regard to the requirement that councils remain a part of the joint organization (JO’s) for a period of two years in order to be eligible for the COVID stimulus grant.  

Council also resolved that it seek an independent review into the success of JO’s including a comparison to the achievements of regional organisations of councils (ROC’s).

Council resolved also to provide a range of comments in response to the submissions report and amendment report for the Culcairn Solar Farm.  Council remains opposed to the development in that the submissions report address some but not all of Council’s concerns. Interested residents are encouraged to read the report and the resolution contained in the minutes which are available on Council’s website.

Council accepted an offer to purchase 3,300 sqm, Lot 12 Enterprise Drive Holbrook Industrial Estate for $55,000 (plus GST).

Meeting agendas and minutes are available for viewing at any time on Council’s website.


Cr Heather Wilton     Mayor                                                               


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