Council News from the August 2020 Council Meeting

Published on 26 August 2020


COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way Council can run its monthly meeting.  Councillors attended the August meeting held at Holbrook, observing social distance rules.

You can view the recording of the meeting at  The meeting was not open to the public.

 Business dealt with at the meeting included:

Council approved an application for a freight transport facility at Bond Street Holbrook to manage the freight and logistics of burnt softwood plantation timber. The approval will operate for 18 months which is the time frame in which the charred timber can be harvested and usefully processed. 

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Council resolved to waive the annual Food Shop Inspection Fee for 50 food related businesses that operate across the shire.

Council committed to remaining a member of the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils for a further two year period. 

Council approved the interim full year budget result to 30 June 2020, declaring a cash deficit of $188,573. The result is primarily due to ongoing costs associated with implementing COVID-19 mitigation measures.  The other contribution to the deficit is additional expenditure required on survey and design projects, to ensure new key infrastructure projects can be ‘shovel’ (or grant) ready when external funding opportunities are announced by the Australian and NSW Governments.

Council endorsed the postponement of commence of roadworks associated with the realignment of the Olympic Highway, part of the major Henty Rail Crossing project to early 2021.  This decision has been influenced by delays in relocation of NBN, Telstra and water supply assets, delay in construction of a new rail crossing, impacts of COVID-19 and potentially a wet spring (according to Bureau of Meteorology).  The deferral will also mean that harvest grain receivables will not be impaired by roadworks during early summer.

Council accepted an offer to purchase an allotment in the Jacob Wenke Drive Residential Subdivision in Walla Walla.

Meeting agendas and minutes are available for viewing at any time on Council’s website.

Cr Heather Wilton     Mayor                 



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