Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan 2019

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In accordance with the requirements of Clause 31 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation, Greater Hume Council gives notice that it has adopted the Greater Hume Council Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan 2019 which applies to all land within the Local Government Area of Greater Hume. In accordance with Clause 32(1) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 this is a subsequent plan to the Greater Hume Shire Council S94A Levy Development Contributions Plan 2017 which amends that plan and replaces that plan.

Copies of the Section 7.12 Contributions Plan are available on Council’s website and from Council’s customer service centres. 

Council requests that private certifying authorities familiarise themselves with the Section 7.12 Contribution Plan as contributions may be payable prior to the issue of Construction Certificates and on Complying Development Certificates.

For further information regarding the Section 7.12 Contributions Plan please contact Colin Kane, Director Environment and Planning T: 02 6044 8928 during normal office hours.