Plumbing Approvals and On-site Sewage Management Systems

On Site Sewage Management Systems

Installation of on-site sewage management systems requires approval from Council. The type of system approved will be determined by the site (soil) conditions and any potential contamination issues. See attached fact sheet - Installation of New On-Site Sewage Management System.(PDF, 197KB)

The attached Onsite Sewerage Management System (OSMS) application form will be required if you are:

Installing a new system

Upgrading an existing system (additional works)

Applying to operate an OSMS

Decommissioning an OSMS

Pre-purchase Property Transaction inspection

On-site sewage management systems are subject to Council regulations which are designed to protect public health as well as the environment.


Change of Ownership of Land

Once an on-site sewage management system is installed the approval belongs to the landowner and does not transfer automatically with a change of ownership.  See attached fact sheet - Approval to Operate an Existing On-Site Sewage Management System.(PDF, 215KB)

Therefore, when a property with an existing Onsite Sewage Management System is sold, the new owner must lodge the attached Application to Operate an Existing Onsite Sewage Management System with Council. There is no fee required for this application.

Further information on onsite sewage management systems can also be obtained by clicking on the following links:

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Contact Council staff at the Culcairn office on 02 6036 0100 for additional information on sewerage management within Greater Hume Council.