Development and Construction

If you are planning a subdivision, building works (including swimming pools, sheds and home business) or a change of building class (including changes to buildings from office to shop) you will require the following forms:

  1. Development and Construction Application(PDF, 209KB) (this includes a Statement of Environmental Effects). Please see Checklist of Requirements and Development Application Guide(PDF, 162KB) .
  2. Statement of Environmental Effects(PDF, 180KB) (separate form if required)
  3. Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts(PDF, 174KB) (if you have answered “YES” on the Application for Development/Construction form)
  4. Modify a Development Consent Application(PDF, 159KB)
  5. Application for Bush Fire Attack Level(PDF, 132KB)
  6. Notice of Commencement of Building Works(PDF, 138KB)
  7. Dwelling Entitlement Request Application(PDF, 128KB)
  8. Flood Prone Land Area Assessment Certificate Application(PDF, 470KB)  
  9. Development Application – Land Owner Consent(PDF, 127KB) (where the development application form cannot be signed by a landowner, this form can be used instead of completing the “Land Owner Declaration” box in the Application for Development/Construction form) Note: In signing this form the landowner is accepting the answers given on the lodged forms by the applicant.
  10. Application for Subdivision Certificate(PDF, 160KB) (required after development consent is given for subdivision works and all conditions have been met and you are then applying for the Subdivision Certificate with the final survey plan)
  11. Application for New Sewer Connection(PDF, 217KB)
  12. Application for Onsite Sewerage Management System (Septic)(PDF, 217KB)
  13. Application for New Water Supply Service Connection(PDF, 302KB)




Applications for Planning and Other Certificates

If you intend to sell a parcel of land, such as a house, farm or business. You will be required to apply for at least one or more of the following Certificates.

Please click here for a Certificate Application Form(PDF, 242KB) .

  • Building Certificate (s56.22)
  • Planning Certificate (Standard s10.7(2), Standard Inc additional info s10.7(2)&(5), Complying Development s10.7(2)
  • Rates and Charges Certificate (standard, including water meter average – s603; standard, including water meter read – s603)
  • Notices Certificate (s735A)
  • Orders Certificate (EPA Act)
  • Drainage Plan
  • Pool Compliance Certificate
  • Compliance Certificate (s109C)