Greater Hume Community Strategic Plan

Ongoing consultation

How will Greater Hume look in the future?

Developing our vision for 2032 is not just about the immediate fixes or changes that are required (although these are still important), it is about what our preferred future looks like and how we can all work towards achieving that.

There are a number of opportunities for you to contribute to the development of our Community Strategic Plan:

  • Complete the Greater Hume Community Strategic Plan Survey, below.

The current Greater Hume Community Strategic Plan identifies four themes that represent the issues of leadership and communication, healthy lifestyle, growth and sustainability, good infrastructure and facilities. These four themes will form the foundation for discussions on the direction of our new Greater Hume Community Strategic Plan.

Community Strategic Plan Themes

Leadership and Communication

Objective: We lead a vibrant, connected and inclusive community.

Outcomes for Theme 1:

1.1 Leadership and advocacy is demonstrated and encouraged in our communities.

1.2 There is open and two way communication both with communities and within our communities, the community is consulted on decisions that affect them and consultation processes are inclusive.

1.3 Residents feel a sense of belonging, are able to reach their potential, work productively, and there is a sense of mutual respect, inclusiveness, ownership and pride in their community. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Objective: We create healthy, inclusive and resilient communities, acknowledge our volunteers and value our youth.

Outcomes for Theme 2:

2.1 Welcoming, resilient and involved communities.

2.2 We have the services to promote and deliver health and wellbeing for all ages.

2.3 Volunteering is inclusive, well acknowledged and supported.

2.4 Residents feel safe.

Growth and Sustainability

Objective: We are revitalising our communities, welcoming visitors, growing our economy and promoting the lifestyle, culture and heritage offered in our communities.

Outcomes for Theme 3:

3.1 We have prosperous and diverse local businesses and a growing economy.

3.2 Our towns and villages are revitalised.

3.3 Increased numbers of visitors enjoy our shire.

Good Infrastructure and Facilities

Objective: our development and maintenance is sustainable, accessible, environmentally responsible and enjoyed by our community.

Outcomes for Theme 4:

4.1 Infrastructure and facilities meet the needs of our communities.

4.2 Our natural and built environments are protected by our communities.

4.3 We minimise the impact on the environment. 


What is your BIG idea for Greater Hume?