Development Application - Rivalea - 3066 Riverina Highway, Bungowannah

Submissions closing on 09 August 2022, 05:00 PM

In accordance with Council's notification and advertisement procedures for development applications, you are hereby advised that Council has received an application for development.

Details of the application are as follows:

Name of Applicant:

Consent Authority:

Development Application Number:

Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd

Greater Hume Council


Location of Proposed Development:

3066 Riverina Highway, Bungowannah
Property Description:

Lot:1 DP: 550162, Lot: 2 DP: 550162, Lot: 280 DP:753727

Proposed Development: Modification to Condition No 16 as approved under Amendment 1 of DA99198 to irrigate treated and matured agricultural wastewater.


For more information on this Development Application go to the On Exhibition Development Applications section of the website.