Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan - on exhibition

Submissions closing on 31 May 2019, 05:00 PM

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Council’s business plan is called the Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2019-2020. The plan is developed over three to four months by Council officers and via input from councillors at four workshops held between February to April.

The plan is now on exhibition for community comment until 5pm Friday, 31 May 2019

Below is a financial snapshot of the plan and proposed highlights for the next 12 months commencing 1 July 2019


 Operating Expenditure Budget   $28.9 million
 Capital Works   $16.7 million
 Income from rates  $8.74 million 
 Income from Government grants 

 $9.7 million Operating 

 $6.2 million Capital



  • 65 cents in every dollar of capital expenditure is spent on roads and associated plant
  • Henty and Walla Walla Children Services Centres operating Monday to Friday (from 1 July 2019)
  • Solar power installed at Culcairn, Henty, Holbrook, Jindera and Walla Walla public swimming pools
  • Water pricing - annual water access charge reduced by $40 per annum for all connections
  • Total rate yield will increase 2.7% in line with NSW Government rate pegging.

You can read a copy of the document at Council Offices at Culcairn, Henty, Holbrook, Jindera or Walla Walla, and write to General Manager, PO Box 99, Holbrook NSW 2644 or email mail@greaterhume.nsw.gov.au

View the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan here(PDF, 10MB)

View the Draft Fees and Charges 2019 – 2020 here(PDF, 1MB)

View the Draft Expenditure Budget here(PDF, 1MB)