Bowna – Wymah - Talmalmo

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Originally this tract of the Upper Murray on the NSW side consisted of the following runs – Bowna, Cumberoona, Wagra, Dora Dora and Talmalmo. All of these runs had been taken up by 1839. Since then they have been sold into numerous smaller holdings. A small village sprang up at Bowna (on the main Sydney-Melbourne Road) to serve the rural community and travellers. Bowna was inundated by the Hume Weir (now Lake Hume) in 1934.

Many coach change stations were established along the Upper Murray Road and some wine shanties, hotels, post office, stores and churches were built at Wymah and Talmalmo. All that remains today are the Wymah (formerly Wagra) School (closed in 1983 and reopened as Wymah Museum in 2013) and Doral Dora Hotel (delicenced in 1998) at Talmalmo.

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Experience Bowna – Wymah - Talmalmo

  • Explore the Wymah Museum, featuring the history of the original pioneering families, the Wymah Ferry, Wymah School, the origins of Patterson’s Curse, and the rise and decline of the Wymah township. 
  • Traverse the mighty Murray River on the Wymah Ferry.
  • Follow the River Road (note: unsealed in places) and take in the beauty of the Upper Murray.
  • Sample the fare at Wymah Organic Olives and Lamb.
  • Launch your canoe, kayak or boat at ramps located at Ingenia Holidays Lake Hume.

Wymah Ferry

Built in 1946 the Wymah Ferry is one of two remaining ferries which cross the Murray between NSW and Victoria. The other ferry, Speewa Ferry, is located near Swan Hill. The Wymah Ferry crosses the Murray River approximately 45km east of Albury at Wymah on the NSW side and Granya in Victoria. The ferry is a three car ferry; carrying capacity 35 tonne, caravans and camper trailers are permitted as long as vehicle and caravan do not exceed 17 metres.

Running seven days a week the operating times are September to April 6.00am to 9.00pm and May to August 7.00am to 8.00pm. Trip duration is six minutes (Please allow up to 15 minutes waiting time). For up to date information on the operation of the Wymah Ferry contact T: 02 6020 2038.

Ferry Closure for meal breaks

Morning closed from 10.00am to 10:20am 

Mid Day closed from 12:40pm to 1.00pm

Evening closed from 6.00pm to 6:30pm



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