Residential Developments

Jacob Wenke Drive Residential Estate, Walla Walla - Stage 2 Allotments - For Sale by Expression of Interest

Council is inviting Expressions of Interest to purchase 8 residential allotments which have been created in Stage 2 Jacob Wenke Drive, Walla Walla.

These vacant land parcels are situated in the recent subdivision in the town of Walla Walla. They have all services available. Walla Walla is a nice, quiet and peaceful town. Offering a quaint lifestyle, boasting a tight-knit community and just 30 minutes from the city of Albury.



Fully serviced: all infrastructure works and services to create Stage 2 of the subdivision have been completed. Water, electricity, sewer, kerb and gutter, road sealed and footpath installed. Street lighting complete. It should be noted, that in addition to the standard contract for sale conditions, an additional requirement is that a Development Application is submitted within two years of purchase.

Soil Tests and Draft Contracts of Sale - 

Lot 84 

Lot 84 Soil Test(PDF, 731KB)

Lot 84 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 10MB)

Lot 86 

Lot 86 Soil Test(PDF, 729KB)

Lot 86 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 11MB)

Lot 87 

Lot 87 Soil Test(PDF, 729KB)

Lot 87 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 11MB)

Lot 88 

Lot 88 Soil Test(PDF, 728KB)

Lot 88 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 10MB)

Lot 89 

Lot 89 Soil Test(PDF, 11MB)

Lot 89 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 11MB)

Lot 90 

Lot 90 Soil Test(PDF, 736KB)

Lot 90 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 11MB)

Lot 91  

Lot 91 Soil Test(PDF, 733KB)

Lot 91 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 10MB)

Lot 93  

Lot 93 Soil Test(PDF, 733KB)

Lot 93 Draft Contract of Sale(PDF, 11MB)


To download and complete an Expresssion of Interest form, please click here.(PDF, 153KB)


EOI closes 5pm Friday, 31 May 2024.


Enquiries: Executive Assistant