Pay My Rates

In Person

Culcairn, Henty, Holbrook or Jindera Customer Relation's desks by, cash, cheque, or EFTPOS (Mastercard or Visa accepted) (cheques payable to Greater Hume Council).

By Mail

Detach payment slip and mail with payment to: Greater Hume Council, PO Box 99, Holbrook NSW 2644


Pay over the internet from your credit card and quote your BPAY Reference Number. Greater Hume Council accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Click here to use our online payment system.


Pay by phone from your Visa or Mastercard. T: 1300 730 839 and quote your Reference Number. The phone payment line is a 24-hour service. Calls are charged at the cost of a local call (mobiles extra).


You will be required to enter the Biller Code and BPAY Reference Number as detailed on the front of your notice.

Direct Debit Payments (Flexipay)

What is Flexipay?

You can pay your rates and water in small, regular amounts. Register with Flexipay and choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and an annual instalment. When setting up a direct debit schedule or a payment arrangement, Flexipay will send you an email with a secure link to provide your payment method details.

This is to ensure that the email address you have entered is valid, so we know that you will receive emails regarding the schedule such as receipts, card expiry reminders or updates to your schedule.

Register for Flexipay or Update your Details

To register for Flexipay or to update your details use the link below -


Cancel your Flexipay arrangement

You can cancel your flexipay payments via greaterhume-pay.enotices.com.au

If you cancel your direct debit payments you must pay your rates and water in quarterly instalments (by the due date on your notice), unless you set up a new payment plan.

Your Flexipay payments will stop if you have 3 declined payments in your schedule. 

Rate Payment Options

Council levies an Ordinary Rate on all rateable assessments within the Greater Hume Council area. Council utilises provisions of the Local Government Act to ensure a fair and equitable contribution to Council’s revenue across the Shire.

A central component of local government rating is that the land value of a particular property as determined by the Valuer General should play an important role in determining the rates levied on that particular property.

The following options are available when paying your rates:

Option 1 – Payment of rates and charges by quarterly instalments

Rates may be paid by quarterly instalments. Quarterly instalments are due 31 August, 30 November, 28 February, 31 May each year.

If an instalment is unpaid by its due date, daily interest charges will accrue immediately on that instalment. Instalment reminder notice will be sent to these ratepayers who choose to pay by instalments.

Option 2 – Payment of rates and charges in full

If you wish to pay the total amount due in full, payment should be made on or before 31 August as daily interest will accrue immediately on the first instalment if unpaid by its due date.

Option 3 – Periodical Payment Plan 

Council may accept payment of rates and charges in accordance with an agreed periodical payment plan made with the ratepayer. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying rates, please contact Council’s Rates Department by the due date. 


Apply for a Pensioner Rebate on Rates

Eligible pensioners can receive rebates on their rates and charges. 

Once your application is received a Greater Hume Council Officer will contact you if further information is required.

What and when you need to do this:

  • To be eligible for a rebate, the property must be your sole or principal residence.
  • If your circumstances change and you start or stop receiving a pension, the guide within the application form applies to your rates rebate.
  • If you start receiving a pension after a quarterly billing period begins (and you meet our conditions), you can claim a rebate from the next quarterly billing period.
  • If you became eligible for a rebate in the past and are only applying, you can claim a rebate back to the start of the last financial year.
  • If you no longer meet our conditions and are not entitled to receive a rebate, any rebate you received in advance will be charged back to your rates/ water account.

What you need to do:

1. Check if you are eligible.

You will need to provide certain information to be eligible for a rebate. You will need a current pensioner concession card issued by Centrelink or a current Department of Veterans’ Affairs concession card. 

2.  Complete the application form below.

Receive your rates notice via email

eNotices allows you to self-manage all your properties, send notices to multiple email addresses and print additional copies. You can access your account by visiting: greaterhume.enotices.com.au

eNotices logo


Step 1

Click here: greaterhume.enotices.com.au

Step 2

Enter in your email address and eNotice Reference Number (located at the bottom left corner of your rates notice beside the eNotice logo).

Step 3

Check your email inbox and click the validation link.

Step 4

Select a password and mobile number. 

Add additional notices

To register additional notices in greaterhume.enotices.com.au, click “Add your notice ” in your Dashboard and enter your eNotices Reference Number.

You will now receive notices in your email inbox, and can login to view them online at any time.

Have you changed your address, email or phone number?

If you have changed your address (postal or mailing), email or phone number please notify us by completing the Request to Update Form below. 

If you are unable to complete the Request to Update Form below please contact us in person at one of our customer relation centres or send an email to mail@greaterhume.nsw.gov.au

     Please note; we can’t change your postal address over the phone.

Land Valuation

In New South Wales (NSW), the Valuer General is the State Government’s principal advisor on all land valuation matters. The Valuer General has a statutory responsibility to provide fair and accurate land valuations for rating and taxing purposes, to determine compensation following the compulsory acquisition of land and to provide specialist valuation and property advice to government and the public.

The Valuer General values all land on behalf of the State Government and maintains a Register of Land Values containing information in relation to land ownership, location, occupation, value and other information as required by the  Valuation of Land Act 1916.

The Register of Land Values contains the following information in relation to land:

  • the ownership of the land
  • the occupation of the land
  • the value of the land
  • reference to the title of the land
  • the location or description of the land
  • the area of the land, and
  • any other information as required by Valuation of Land Act 1916.

Click here to download the latest Valuer General News July 2020.(PDF, 73KB)

Valuation enquiries should be directed to office of the NSW Valuer General.

T: 1800 110 038 or www.valuergeneral.nsw.gov.au

Legal Proceedings for recovery of Rates and Charges

Council may commence legal proceedings to recover overdue rates and charges, interest and legal costs. Service of this notice does not annul either any existing payment arrangement for arrears outstanding or continuing legal action for the recovery of rates and charges.

An Important Message About Privacy

Council holds land valuation and rating information under Section 602 of the Local Government Act 1993. This is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, which came into effect on 1 July 2000. That Act prescribes how personal information may be used and disclose.

For further information please contact Council’s Public Officer on T: 02 6036 0100.

Notify us if you are experiencing Financial Hardship

Our Financial Hardship Policy offers alternative payment options to provide some relief to ratepayers who are experiencing genuine financial hardship. Council will assess eligibility based on the information provided in the application form and may request documented proof or further information from the applicant.

What you need to do:

1. Gather your documents.

In order for Council to determine eligibility for financial hardship assistance, all owners of the property are required to complete a financial hardship application, please see form below.

You will need to provide the following supporting documents;

  • Two copies of pay advice for all sources of income or Centrelink Statement for all sources of income.
  • Three months of current bank statements from all accounts held in your name.
  • Current mortgage statement.
  • Copies of any other outgoing payments that may support your application.

2. Apply

Once you have gathered your documents, you can apply online for financial hardship assistance by using the form below. You will need to upload electronic versions of the required documentation in order to complete your application.


Notify us if you have paid to the Incorrect Account

Notify us if you have paid to the incorrect account by completing the Transfer of Funds form below.


Notify us if you have Overpaid your Rates

Overpayments of Greater Hume Council Rates can only be refunded if your account is in credit.

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the rates refund request application form below.

Please note - Refund processing time may take up to three weeks from the date we receive your completed application, via cheque. 


Notification of a Person Dying

Informing us when a loved one passes away will let us update all their Greater Hume Council records at the same time. We understand there are many important matters that arise.

Council has made this difficult time a little easier by joining the Australian Death Notification Service. The service allows you to notify multiple organisations of a loved one’s death so their accounts can be updated. When the deceased’s details are entered, the service validates them with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to confirm the death has been registered. Once the details are confirmed, you can choose which participating organisations to notify. Participating organisations include banks, superannuation funds, phone and internet companies, energy and water providers, and government authorities, including Greater Hume Council. The service notifies the selected organisations and they’ll contact you as needed.

Australian Death Notification Service website, click here.


Request a Copy of Rates Notices

You can request a copy of current and previous rates notices. 

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the Request a Copy of Rates Notices form below.

Please note - notices issues will be for the current rating year. A fee of $10 per notice is applied for the re-issues notices. Please contact Council T: 02 6036 0100 to make payment.