Documents and Policies


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20 Year Community Strategic Plans

Community Strategic Plan 2017 - 2030(PDF, 3MB)

Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 507KB)

Community Survey 2016 - Management Report(PDF, 623KB)

Community Survey 2016 - Summary(PDF, 2MB)

State of the Environment Report(PDF, 3MB)

End of Term Concise Report(PDF, 7MB)

End of Term Full Report(PDF, 1MB)


Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2018-2019(PDF, 7MB)

Budget 2018-2019(PDF, 852KB)

Fees and Charges 2018-2019(PDF, 2MB)

Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2017-2018(PDF, 3MB)

Rates Categories Maps for Towns and Villages in Greater Hume

  • Brocklesby
  • Burrumbuttock
  • Culcairn
  • Gerogery
  • Henty
  • Holbrook
  • Jindera
  • Morven
  • Walbundrie
  • Walla Walla
  • Woomargama



Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2018-2026/2027(PDF, 2MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2019 updated Financial Reports(PDF, 328KB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2019 updated Ratios(PDF, 76KB)

Workforce Management Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)

Asset Management Strategy 2017(PDF, 3MB)

Resourcing Strategy 2012-2016(PDF, 3MB)

Asset Management Strategy(PDF, 427KB)


Quarterly Reports on Operation Plan

Quarterly Management Report July to September 2017(PDF, 346KB)(first quarter)

Quarterly Management Report October to December 2017(PDF, 550KB)(second quarter)

Quarterly Management Report January to March 2018(PDF, 532KB)(third quarter)

Quarterly Management Report April to June 2018(PDF, 800KB) (fourth quarter)

Budget 2017-2018 - 30 Sept 2017 Quarterly Review(PDF, 701KB)

Budget 2017-2018 - 31 Dec 2017 Quarterly Review(PDF, 1MB)

Budget 2017-2018 - 31 March 2018 Quarterly Review(PDF, 852KB)

Budget 2017-2018 - 30 June 2018 Quarterly Review(PDF, 859KB)


Annual Reports (including Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2016 - 2017(PDF, 4MB)

Financial Statements and Auditors Reports for year ended 30 June 2016(PDF, 3MB)

Financial Statements and Auditor's Reports for year ended 30 June 2017(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report 2017 - 2018(PDF, 4MB)

Financial Statements and Auditor's Reports for year ended 30 June 2018(PDF, 5MB)


Strategy Plans

Greater Hume Roads Strategy 2017 - 2019(PDF, 5MB)

Visitor Experience Plan 2014-2018(PDF, 1MB)


Community Lands Plans of Management

Land and Community Facilities Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Plans of Management Sportsground(PDF, 235KB)

Generic Plan of Management for Community Land - Parks(PDF, 373KB)


Other Plans and Reports

Community Health and Well-being Profile and Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Disability Inclusion Action Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Economic Development and Social Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan(PDF, 765KB)

Drought Management and Emergency Response Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Local Disaster Plan - DISPLAN(PDF, 819KB)

Economic Profile


Asset Management Planning

Land and Facilities Asset Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Transport Asset Management Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Water Supply Asset Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Waste Water Asset Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Plant and Fleet Asset Management Plan(PDF, 726KB)

Stormwater Asset Management Plan(PDF, 567KB)

Operational Environmental Management Plan for Culcairn Waste Water Treatment Plant and Re-Use Scheme

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Culcairn(PDF, 841KB)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Henty(PDF, 886KB)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Holbrook(PDF, 891KB)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Walla Walla(PDF, 931KB)

Risk Assessment, Critical Control Points & Procedures Workshop - Briefing Paper

1. Risk-Based Drinking Water Management System

2. Water Quality Risk Assessment Workshop Output Paper

3. Critical Control Points, Standard Operating Procedures and Incident Response Plans

4. Drinking Water Quality Improvement Plan



Model Code of Conduct Adopted 19 April 2017(PDF, 2MB)



Aboriginal Cultural Protocols and Practice Policy 19 April 2017(PDF, 183KB)

Access and Equity Policy 20 November 2013(PDF, 35KB)

Access to Information Policy 20 July 2016(PDF, 71KB)

Administration of Contributory Footpath and Kerb and Gutter Schemes Policy 16 October 2013(PDF, 41KB)

Asbestos Policy 17 December 2014(PDF, 54KB)

Asset Management Policy 16 October 2013(PDF, 83KB)

Body Worn Video Policy 16 July 2014(PDF, 35KB)

Bribes, Gifts and Benefits Policy 22 June 2016(PDF, 63KB)

Bridge Naming Policy 21 June 2017(PDF, 49KB)

Bring Your Own Device Policy 15 March 2017(PDF, 82KB)

Business and Industry Incentives Policy 18 August 2010(PDF, 96KB)

Contaminated Land Management Policy 15 February 2017(PDF, 2MB)

Child Protection Policy 25 June 2008(PDF, 137KB)

Communications Policy 21 December 2016(PDF, 599KB)

Complaints Against Staff Policy 25 June 2008(PDF, 33KB)

Complaints Handling Policy 20 July 2016(PDF, 73KB)

Contract Management Policy 21 December 2016(PDF, 544KB)

Core Staff Numbers Policy 20 July 2016(PDF, 45KB)

Councillor Access to Information and Staff Policy 17 August 2016(PDF, 67KB)

Councillor Induction Training Policy 17 February 2010(PDF, 107KB)

Corporate Credit Card Use Policy 26 September 2018(PDF, 228KB)

Criminal Record Check Policy 16 October 2013(PDF, 39KB)

Customer Service Policy 20 July 2016(PDF, 64KB)

Debt Recovery Policy 11 February 2015(PDF, 76KB)

Determination of Development Applications Under Delegated Authority Policy 18 August 2010(PDF, 100KB)

Document Control Policy 18 April 2018(PDF, 179KB)

Drinking Water Quality Policy 15 February 2017(PDF, 51KB)

Drug and Alcohol Policy 19 October 2005(PDF, 44KB)

Emergency Planning Policy 17 July 2013(PDF, 28KB)

Emergency Service & Defence Force Reserve Leave Policy 15 December 2010(PDF, 23KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Management Plan 2010/2011 23 June 2010(PDF, 213KB)

External Grants Applications For Management Committees Policy 18 April 2018(PDF, 190KB)

Footpath Inspection and Maintenance Policy 18 April 2018(PDF, 202KB)

Footway Dining and Temporary Structures on the Footway (Road Reserve) Policy 16 May 2007(PDF, 31KB)

Fraud Control Policy 17 February 2016(PDF, 75KB)

Gathering Information Policy 18 April 2007(PDF, 55KB)

Guidelines for Erection of Shed(s) Policy 20 February 2008(PDF, 35KB)

Hardship Policy 11 February 2015(PDF, 69KB)

Health Promoting Council 16 December 2015(PDF, 52KB)

Independent Assessment of Development Applications Policy 20 November 2013(PDF, 36KB)

Information Technology Security Access Policy 20 September 2017(PDF, 54KB)

Internal Reporting Public Interest Disclosures Policy 15 August 2012(PDF, 113KB)

Investment Policy 16 April 2014(PDF, 42KB)

Lawn Cemetery Policy 17 August 2016(PDF, 48KB)

Liquid Trade Waste Policy 15 August 2012(PDF, 42KB)

Loans to Community Groups Policy 22 June 2016(PDF, 49KB)

Local Orders Policy for Keeping of Animals or Birds 17 October 2018(PDF, 182KB)

Local Orders Policy No. 21 Premises/Land Not In A Safe Or Healthy Condition 21 April 2010(PDF, 135KB)

Local Preference Purchasing Policy 16 August 2017(PDF, 277KB)

Media Policy 20 December 2017(PDF, 40KB)

National Competition Policy and Complaints Handling Procedure 20 November 2013(PDF, 38KB)

Noxious Weeds Policy 17 February 2010(PDF, 285KB)

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Mayor and Councillors Policy 21 June 2017(PDF, 104KB)

Pensioner Concession Policy 11 February 2015(PDF, 57KB)

Pesticide Use Notification Plan Policy 15 July 2015(PDF, 180KB)

Playground Inspection and Maintenance Policy 18 April 2018(PDF, 223KB)

Privacy Management Plan 17 April 2013(PDF, 313KB)

Private Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Policy 16 October 2013(PDF, 39KB)

Procurement Policy 20 September 2017(PDF, 72KB)

Professional Personal Relationships Policy 22 June 2016(PDF, 60KB)

Records Management Policy 21 March 2018(PDF, 549KB)

Recruitment and Selection Policy 21 November 2012(PDF, 97KB)

Related Party Disclosures Policy 15 March 2017(PDF, 279KB)

Right To Farm Policy 17 February 2010(PDF, 84KB)

Risk Management Policy 17 July 2013(PDF, 42KB)

Road Opening Policy 21 October 2015(PDF, 64KB)

Section 355 Committees – Development Fees Policy 17 February 2010(PDF, 21KB)

Sick Leave Policy 15 July 2009(PDF, 83KB)

Signs as 'Remote Supervision' Policy 15 March 2017(PDF, 239KB)

Smoke Free Environment Policy 15 December 2010(PDF, 27KB)

Social Media Policy 20 June 2018(PDF, 250KB)

Sporting and Recreation Reserve Use Policy 11 February 2015(PDF, 66KB)

Stakeholder Engagement Policy 18 April 2018(PDF, 385KB)

Statement of Business Ethics 22 June 2016(PDF, 73KB)

Tree Management Policy 16 May 2018(PDF, 549KB)

Use of Private Motor Vehicle for Council Business Policy 20 November 2013(PDF, 31KB)

Volunteer Policy 21 May 2014(PDF, 42KB)

Water Charges for Sportsgrounds Policy 17 February 2010(PDF, 85KB)

Water Main and Sewer Main Extensions Policy 16 October 2013(PDF, 98KB)

Water Restrictions Policy 16 May 2018(PDF, 542KB)