Your Greater Hume Council

Greater Hume 2030 Our vision for the future.

The vision we have for the future of Greater Hume Council is designed to encourage commitment to our future and a sense of common purpose and responsibility. It reflects the kind of community we will be in 2030.

This vision will be achieved through the implementation of the strategies based on the four core themes of Live A Greater Life Community Strategic Plan 2017 - 2030.

Those themes are:

  • Leadership and Communication
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Growth and Sustainability
  • Good Infrastructure and Facilities

These themes are clearly interwoven and impact upon each other. They are the cornerstone for our community’s progress and success. Overall, it is the people of our community that makes us unique. It is important our vision contains quality of life, prosperity and connectivity.

The community’s vision for Greater Hume is captured in the following statement:


Partnering to advance our rural communities..