Home Based Food Businesses

Before a food business can start operating from a domestic kitchen, food business operators need to make sure the proposed activities are approved by the Greater Hume Council

This includes all domestic kitchens in the Greater Hume Council area where food is prepared that will be sold directly to the public.

Examples of home-based food businesses include:

  • preparing food for sale at markets or school canteens
  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • home-based child care for a fee that includes providing food 
  • home-based caterers. 

How to apply

If you are operating from a domestic kitchen preparing food for sale at markets such as jams, cakes, biscuits etc please complete the Registered Premises Commencement/Change of Premises Registration form below.

If you are operating a domestic kitchen providing home based foods for bed and breakfast accommodation, home-based child care or home-based catering etc you must obtain development consent to operate the food business this also includes commercial kitchens.

Please contact Councils Environmental Health & Building Surveyor about your proposed home-based food business.

Food standards 

Like all food businesses, those based at home must comply with relevant parts of the food standards code, including:

  • standard 3.2.2 food safety practices and general requirements
  • standard 3.2.3 food premises and equipment
  • part 1.2 labelling and other information requirements.

The NSW Food Authority regulates domestic kitchens that only sell food to other businesses such as cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

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