Management Committees of Council (355)

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Volunteers play a vital role in contributing to Greater Hume Council’s community. Greater Hume Council appreciates the tireless efforts of volunteers who become members of Management Committees of Council. This is an important role providing a valuable contribution to our local community.

Council currently have 40 Section 355 Management Committees appointed delegations under the Local Government Act 1993 to manage Councils facilities and 9 Reference Committees who provide valuable feedback and recommendations from our community.

Section 355 Management Committee

Under the Local Government Act 1993 Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a Committee of Council. Council uses this delegation and appoints community people to manage its facilities or functions through a Section 355 Management Committee.

Hiring a facility is central to the purpose of the majority of our Committees. Making the facility readily accessible to the community, whilst at the same time, raising funds for its maintenance and future improvements are some of the main objectives of the Committee.

Reference Committee

Reference Committees provide a mechanism by which interested residents and experts can play an active role in the formulation of council policy, direction and practice. These committees are an important link in council’s communication strategy with the community and are supported via other community consultative methods.

Greater Hume Council has established Reference Committees to:

  • Develop a shared vision for the social, economic and community development of Greater Hume
  • Provide a forum for members of the community and ensure ongoing communication between Council and the community
  • Assist council in its understanding of, and approach to, specific or localised issues, initiatives or community assets
  • Provide feedback to the community regarding Council initiatives and other community and business development opportunities


Section 355 Management or Reference Committee Guidelines

The guidelines below provide comprehensive instructions on the management responsibilities, functions and operation of a Section 355 Management or Reference Committee and clarifies Councils role in this partnership. Upon formal approval of a Management Committee by Council, its members are required to adopt and adhere to the conditions set out in this document. Adherence will ensure Council and committee members are aware of their responsibilities and are adequately covered by insurance.