VendorPanel eProcurement tool.

Greater Hume Council introduced VendorPanel as our new e-Procurement process in May 2018, designed to simplify the way the Council seeks quotations, releases and responds to tenders.

VendorPanel is a web-based eProcurement platform used by hundreds of public and private sector organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quotation-based purchasing processes.

VendorPanel Site - For suppliers already registered with VendorPanel.


Benefits for Suppliers

VendorPanel allows Council Officers to request quotes from four (4) types of supplier categories:

  • Open market (Marketplace) suppliers,
  • Registered suppliers (Self-Invitation), and
  • Selected  Pre-qualified suppliers (Tender Established), and 
  • Third Party Contracts established by our business partners. (i.e Local Government Procurement, Procurement Australia, State Government Contracts)

VendorPanel gives suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about opportunities from Greater Hume Council and other VendorPanel buyers. For the supplier, VendorPanel is:

  • Free to suppliers and contractors to register on VendorPanel
  • Easy to set up – just add your business details and relevant compliance documents.
  • Provides a consistent RFQ format and process.
  • Simplifies management of compliance documents for the Council.
  • Gives Council Officers an easy way to send out quotes, increasing the chances of you hearing about works.
  • Allows you to manage multiple supplier lists from one account.
  • Set up so users can easily download reports on all the requests received, with a record of what you responded to.


To register please email Council -


1. The Marketplace - Engaging our Local Suppliers and Regional Suppliers

VendorPanel Marketplace will be used by Council employees when there is no preferred or pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the planned expenditure is below $150,000 (inclusive of GST). At the heart of this solution, Greater Hume Council is trying to make it easier to engage with local suppliers and the open market, giving small to medium enterprises better access to Council opportunities and increase governance and transparency in our quotation process.

VendorPanel is an online system that allows local and regional business, registered on VendorPanel, to provide quotes for goods, services and work for upcoming jobs. It is free for suppliers to register.

Greater Hume Council requires business, suppliers and contractors to be registered and compliant on VendorPanel before their services can be utilized.

If as a business, supplier or contractor you do not wish to register and/or maintain compliancy on VendorPanel then Council will not be engaging the services offered.


2. GHC Pre-qualified Suppliers (Tender Established):

Panels of contractors and suppliers established through a tender process for any goods and services valued at more than $150,000 including GST.

The following categories have an established GHSC Pre-qualified local panel:

  • No panels have been established as yet

Supplier Privacy

The VendorPanel account that each supplier creates is their private account and is not visible to council staff. For this reason, council staff do not have access to supplier login or password details and any account queries should be directed to the VendorPanel support team.

For more information on the VendorPanel or VendorPanel MarketPlace, please contact the VendorPanel support team on T: 03 9095 6181.

VendorPanel Privacy Statement