Private Water Supply Guidelines

NSW Health has provided some information in regards to Private Water Supply guidelines.

These guidelines will assist operators of private water to provide safe water from an independent water supply.  This includes water pumped from rivers and creeks, bores and dams, as well as water from rainwater tanks.  It does not include supplies provided by water utilities (i.e. town water).

Operators of businesses that use a private water supply to provide drinking water for the public and/or employees have a responsibility to provide safe water, or to warn people if the water is not safe.

Water supplies can become contaminated from many sources including sewage overflows, septic tanks, birds and animals and their droppings, fertilisers, pesticides and lead flashings on roofs.

These guidelines recommend regular testing of private water supplies to ensure compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).

Please click here(PDF, 894KB) to obtain a copy of the guidelines.

NSW Health Private Water Supply Testing Service information, click here.