Lost and Impounded Animals

Missing Companion Animals

Tips for when your companion animal goes missing:

  • Ensure their identification tags are correct, name and phone number with collars secure and fitted properly.
  • Do you know where your microchip information is? Place your animals microchip number somewhere you can assess easily.
  • Update microchip and registration information.
  • Important phone numbers (keep them in an convenient location):
  • Remember to microchip before 12 weeks of age and register with a NSW local council by 6 months of age.
  • Make a plan for when your pet does get loose/go missing.
  • Contact your local Council or pound as soon as possible. If your pet is micro-chipped and registered attempts will be made to contact the owner for collection. If not collected the pet is transported to Albury Pound where it is held for 14 days if micro-chipped and 7 days if not. After this time the animal becomes the property of the Pound where they will determine if it is a suitable rescue animal.
  • When your dog or cat is found, the Council or pound can return your dog or cat to its home.
  • Check your fencing and yard. Is it suitable for your pets?
  • Fix and fill in your yard now. Digging under fences is a classic method of escape.


Companion Animals Act 1998

More details on the Companion Animals Act 1998 are available here.