Business in Greater Hume

Greater Hume is on the NSW-Victorian border in the Riverina-Murray region and is in one of Australia’s main food producing and agribusiness regions.  Gross Regional Product (GRP) is $519 Million per year.   The economy is underpinned by a reliable agricultural sector, manufacturing and construction industries, supported by real estate activity and transport logistics.  

It’s our location advantage

Greater Hume is ideally situated within the national north south freight corridor, linked by road via Hume Freeway and the Olympic Highway and by rail via the national Main Southern Railway line.  There are expanding opportunities across the shire in servicing the needs of traffic between regional and metropolitan locations.

Residents enjoy a predominant rural lifestyle, with easy commute to nearby provincial centres for employment, and accessing higher level services such as health, business and education.

The current Economic Development and Social Plan recognises that commerce and industry are vital for growth, but quality of life is valued too. 

Council aims to ensure the prosperity of the shire through the continued contribution of its key industries and by growing and diversifying the economic base, all the while protecting its rural community character and identity.  

Lifestyle options are varied and affordable in Greater Hume. Residents can choose from five towns and six villages which offer safe community living. Residents seeking a country lifestyle are attracted by larger allotments, rural residential developments and small rural properties. 

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