NSW Companion Card

The Companion Card program is a not for profit program funded by the NSW Government.

A Companion Card is for people with significant and permanent disabilities that need a carer with them at all times to participate in community based activities and venues. It aims to promote the rights of people with disability to fair ticketing and make community access and participation more affordable.

The Companion Card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.

For more information on the Companion Card, click here to read the Companion Card Handbook.


Who is the Companion Card For?

To be eligible for a NSW Companion Card, the applicant must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or resident, and live in NSW.
  • Have a significant and permanent disability.
  • Demonstrate that, due to the impact of their disability, they would be unable to participate at most community venues or activities without attendant care support.
  • Demonstrate that the use of aids and other technologies does not meet their attendant care support needs.
  • Demonstrate that their need for this level of attendant care will be life-long.

To check your eligibility, to apply for a card or for more information go to www.companioncard.nsw.gov.au/am-i-eligible.


NSW Companion Card Affiliates Program 

Affiliates are businesses, organisations, events or venues that have registered with the Companion Card program. Companion Card affiliated businesses and venues allow a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events. Affiliation with the program is free. 

For more information on becoming an affiliate please watch the video linked here.

For further information or if you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact NSW Companion Card on 1800 893 044 or email affiliates.companioncard@facs.nsw.gov.au.