Roadside Grazing Consent

Residents of Greater Hume Council wishing to graze stock on the roadside adjacent to their property are required to obtain consent from Greater Hume Council in the first instant before applying to Local Land Services, who are the issuing authority for grazing permits. Grazing is not permitted on sections of roads that have been declared High Conservation areas. Maps are available to view at all Council offices indicating the areas.

To obtain consent please complete the ENG – Roadside Grazing Consent Application and forward with payment or payment details to greater Hume Council noting that a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability, to the amount of $20M and noting on the Certificate, ‘Roadside Grazing’ and permission from all neighbours (if you are grazing in front of their property) will need to be provided prior to consent being issued.



Roadside Grazing Consent Application - Neighbouring Property Consent(PDF, 75KB)