Squirrel Glider Project on Target to Double Squirrel Glider Population

Published on 23 November 2022

In 2014, after a population analysis of Squirrel Gliders around Burrumbuttock it was estimated 500 existed. To ensure Squirrel Gliders had a future, threatened species ecologists calculated that doubling the population to at least 1000 would be required. From this baseline work the development of the Burrumbuttock Squirrel Glider Local Area Management Plan (LAMP) emerged.

Recent analysis of the work completed for the project revealed that this unique plan is on target to achieving the goal of doubling the population. It is a project that has involved local landholders, local community, local contractors, and local organisations.

Investment into this project has resulted in a landscape that prior to any work was estimated that:

  • There was 5023 ha of habitat that was considered suitable for Squirrel Gliders- this was made up of
  • 115 individual patches averaged 43 ha in size.

Since on ground works have been implemented:

  • Suitable habitat has increased to 5399 ha and this is made up of
  • 83 patches of 65 ha average in size

The maps below shows all the 115 patches prior to works:



The map below shows the change in patches after works. Note the increase in area particularly of the dark green.



The strength in this project, it’s achievements and on going commitment of those involved comes down to a love for seeing this enigmatic creature not only survive but to thrive in the landscape.

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