Development Contributions Plan

Development Contributions Plan

Application of this Development Contributions Plan
The Development Contributions Plan applies to all land within the local government area of Greater Hume Council.
The purpose of this contributions plan
The primary purpose of the Development Contributions Plan is:
  • to authorise the imposition of a condition on all development consents and complying development certificates requiring the payment of a contribution pursuant to section 94A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act);
  • to assist the Greater Hume Council (“council”) in providing the appropriate public facilities that are required to maintain and enhance amenity and service delivery within the Greater Hume local government area; and
  • to publicly identify the purposes for which the levies are required.


Greater Hume Council Contributions Register 

Development Contributions Register 2023(PDF, 110KB)

Development Contributions Register 2022(PDF, 89KB)


South Jindera Low Density Residential Infrastructure Contributions Plan

The South Jindera Low Density Residential Infrastructure Contributions Plan has been adopted by Council as a mechanism  to appropriately recoup costs for new infrastructure in the South Jindera precinct and ensure the delivery of a fully integrated development precinct and encourage continued growth of the Jindera urban area in accordance with adopted plans.  For a copy of the plan please click here.

Jindera South Residential Precinct Development Control Plan(PDF, 829KB)

Jindera South Residential Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Infrastructure Contributions Plan(PDF, 197KB)


Greater Hume Development Plan for Water and Sewerage

The Development Service Plan (DSP) details the water supply and/or sewerage developer charges to be levied on development areas utilsing a water utility’s water supply and/or sewerage infrastructure.

These DSPs cover water supply developer charges in Culcairn, Jindera, Burrumbuttock, Brocklesby, Gerogery and Gerogery West and sewerage developer charges in Burrumbuttock, Culcairn, Henty, Jindera, Walla Walla and Holbrook, which are served by Greater Hume Council.

Click here to download the Greater Hume Development Plan for Water and Sewerage.(PDF, 3MB)


Voluntary Planning Agreements

Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) are common legal agreements between developers and planning authorities, such as councils or the Department of Planning. VPAs are permitted under Section 7.4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 (EPA Act). The EPA Act sets out clear guidelines that both the planning authority and developer have to follow when entering into a VPA.

Walla Walla Solar Farm - Voluntary Planning Agreement(PDF, 3MB)