Meet Your Current Citizen & Young Citizen of the Year

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Take the opportunity to get to know your Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year a little better. 

Citizen of the Year - Mr John Seidel

John is a very valuable member of our community, who believes that by living in a community, the right thing to do is get in and help, to keep clubs and organisations running, viable and therefore allowing residents to enjoy their sport or passion. This is evident in his many years of volunteering, with over 30 years in both the tennis and football & netball clubs, over 25 years with the Sportsground Committee and 16 years on the Walla Walla Community Development Committee. He has or is also involved in Walla Walla Public School, ANZAC Day Committee, Hume Tennis Association, Drum Muster, Gum Swamp and Anglican Church. John is the type of citizen you want in all communities. He gives a large amount of his time voluntarily to many groups and organisations.


With his involvement in sport he has been willing to pass on his knowledge and experience to encourage, support and promote young people. He gave back to the sports by taking on administration roles, umpiring, running the boundary and helping with coaching. John can always be relied upon to offer to help with any job or project. John has been a great asset to our Community Development Committee over the last 16 years and has been a big part of our decision-making process, for the many projects we have completed. He works through projects and issues with a fair, sensible approach and is a calming influence in difficult situations. He offers to investigate projects, attend special meetings, write letters & submissions, prepare justification and costing projects, attend working bees and offers support until completion of project or event. John is a very valuable citizen and has made an outstanding contribution to the Walla Walla and wider community. 

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Young Citizen of the Year - Nathaniel Wenke

Nathaniel is the type of young person you need in any community who is willing to be involved in the community, encourage others around him and take on leadership roles. He is enthusiastic and willing to be involved in school life and in the wider community. This is shown by his involvement with St Paul’s College and also community activities eg church singing and reading, ANZAC day, Christmas carols, Christmas Eve Service, assisting at Warrambui Camp, volunteering to go to Cambodia on a serving excursion etc.

He is a role model to other young people, happy to organize events, volunteer his time, and be a leader. He has a good work ethic and is happy to help the school and community where he can. He is prepared to better himself, so he can become a valuable member of the community and help and support others. Nathaniel received an honors award in year 11, given to students whose attitude and conduct contribute in a positive way to school life and display leadership qualities. He has been elected school captain of St Paul’s College for 2019. Nathaniel has clearly made an outstanding contribution to the Walla Walla and the wider community. His nomination has unanimous support of the Walla Walla Community Development Committee.

Australia Day 2019 Young Citizen of the Year Nathaniel Wenke(JPG, 2MB)