Occupation Certificates

The Occupation Certificate (OC) authorises the occupation and use of a new building or part of a building. For staged works, a Part OC may be issued which allows you to occupy the completed part of the building.

Before you book your Final Occupation Certificate Inspection, it is important that the following documents be uploaded to the NSW Planning Portal when you apply for the Occupation Certificate:

Residential (class 1 and 10) – Dwellings, Sheds and Swimming Pools etc)

Commercial (class 2 to 9)

  • Occupation Certificate Application (via NSW Planning Portal)
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Certificate of Compliance - Plumbing and Drainage 
  • Plumbers as laid drainage plan
  • Certificate of Compliance - Riverina Water
  • Certificate of Compliance - Fire hydrant and hose reels flow and pressure test results
  • Compliance Statement - Section J
  • Glazing Certificate (windows, doors, shower screens)
  • Certificate of Compliance - Waterproofing
  • Certificate of Compliance - Electrical 
  • Certificate of Compliance - Emergency lighting and exit signs
  • Termite Barrier Installation Certificate 
  • Evidence of compliance with C1.10 for installed flooring, wall and ceiling lining, bulk insulation, sarking material and air handling duct work (as applicable). 

Depending on the particular OC sought, the Principal Certifier must be satisfied the development meets various regulatory standards. These generally include that:

  • An Occupation Certificate Application has been submitted via the NSW Planning Portal
  • A development consent is in force.
  • The design and construction of the building is not inconsistent with the development consent.
  • Any pre-conditions set out in the consent or requirements of planning agreements have been satisfied.
  • A Construction Certificate (CC) has been issued.
  • That the building is suitable for occupation (in accordance with its Building Code of Australia (BCA) classification). 
  • All BASIX commitments must be completed in accordance with the BASIX certificate.
  • All critical stage inspections have been carried out.

An Occupation Certificate is required for the use, occupation or change of use of a new building subject to a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate.

Apply online

To lodge your Construction Certificate application with us, you will need to apply online though the NSW Planning Portal.

If you need assistance using the NSW Planning Portal, please review our extensive range of quick reference guides and resources.

Portal fees

In accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021, applicants are required to pay a digital application processing fee for certain planning applications and certificates.

A full list of fees can be found on the NSW Planning Portal Service Fees page.