Pollution and Illegal Dumping

Pollution Incidences

In the event of a pollution incident which involves serious or potential harm to the health or safety of people or ecosystems, the following agencies should be notified:

Council is the responsible agency for smaller scale pollution incidences such as:

  • Sediment runoff from building sites into waters.
  • Illegal dumping of toxic substances (e.g. waste oil).
  • Unlawful disposal of contaminants into the stormwater drain (e.g. paints, chemicals).

Please complete a customer request form to report such incidences.

Illegal Dumping

Council incurs significant costs for the investigation, collection and disposal of illegally dumped material. Dumping of household rubbish, garden waste, building and commercial waste is a problem and causes:

  • Chemical and physical pollution in our neighbourhood and waterways;
  • The spread of pests, weeds and also create fire hazards from dumped greenwaste; and
  • Pollution of waterways from hazardous materials.

Please complete a customer request form to report incidences of illegal dumping you have observed.