Stormwater Issues on Private Property

Council officers investigate and take action on storm water drainage complaints where it relates to the flow of surface water from one property across the common land boundary onto another property in the following circumstances:

  • Surface water has been directed to and/or concentrated in a particular area by a man-made structure or drain; and
  • Surface water is the result of defective roof drainage from a dwelling or outbuilding.

All houses and outbuildings (such as sheds) should have adequate storm water drainage to a legal point of discharge (e.g. connected to kerb and gutter). 

Council will not take action in circumstances where storm water runoff:

  • is due to the natural flow of surface water across land due topography; and
  • occurs only in periods of exceptionally heavy rain. Roof gutters will not cope during heavy rain and storm water will overflow.

If your neighbour has made changes to their property that now directs water into your property or there is inadequate roof drainage on their house or shed, please complete a customer request form to report your concern.