Itinerant Mobile Food Vendors

Council Approvals

Any Mobile food vendors or similar retail food outlets wishing to trade within Greater Hume Council area must notify Council of their business and food activity details. This must be done prior to commencing operating within Greater Hume Council and can be done by completing the Food Van Notification form.

Notification to Council is still required if the vending is to be carried out on private land.

Mobile food vendors are considered retail food businesses as they sell food to the public and need to comply with a range of requirements.

Mobile food vendors are those vehicles used for:

  • on-site food preparation eg. hamburgers, hot dogs and kebabs,
  • one-step food preparation eg. popcorn, fairy floss, coffee and squeezing juices,
  • any type of food including pre-packaged food.


Food Safety Supervisors

Food businesses operating mobile food vending vehicles may need to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) if the food they prepare and serve is:

  • ready-to-eat,
  • potentially hazardous ie. needs temperature control,
  • is not sold and served in the supplier's original package.

The business needs to ensure an FSS is appointed and the FSS certificate is available in the vehicle before commencement of operation.


Premises Construction

Mobile food vendors need to ensure the construction and operation of the vehicle is appropriate for the preparation and sale of food including:

  • surfaces that are easy to clean,
  • handwashing facilities,
  • satisfactory waste disposal.


Legislation & Standards

Mobile food vendors need to practice safe food handling and preparation to meet food safety requirements.

This includes:


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