Registration and Microchipping

Dog and Cat Owners

Since 1998, the Companion Animals Act requires all puppies, dogs, cats, or kittens sold or given away to be microchipped and registered for life from 1 July 1999.

Microchipping is not the same as registration. Pet owners must microchip and register their pets. This means having your dog or cat microchipped first, then registered with your local council.

When registering your pet you may need to provide documentation such as micro-chip details, sterilisation certificate, breeder’s card or pension card. Check with Council for more information.


Fees and Charges (Cats and Dogs)

Since 1998 all pets in NSW over the age of six (6) months must be microchipped and registered with a lifetime registration under the Companion Animal Act.

Fees are set by the State Government and are:

Registration Type Registration Description 

Fee from 1 July 2021 

Dog - Desexed (by relevant age) Registration fee for an animal desexed by the relevant desexing age  $66
Dog - Desexed (by relevant age - eligible pensioner)  Desexed animal owned by an eligible pensioner  $27
Dog - Desexed (sold by pound/shelter)  Desexed animal sold by an eligible pound or shelter  $0
Dog - Not Desexed or Desexed (after relevant age)  Combined registration fee and additional fee for an animal not desexed by the relevant desexing age.  $224

Dog - Not Desexed (not recommended)

Animal with written notification from a Vet that it should not be desexed.  $66
Dog - Not Desexed (recognised breeder) Animal not desexed and kept by a recongised breeder for breeding purposes.  $66
Dog - Working  Working dog  $0
Dog - Service of the state Dog in the service of the State, for example, a police dog.  $0
Assistance Animal Assistance Animal  $0
Cat - Desexed or Not Desexed Registration fee   $56
Cat - Desexed or Not Desexed (eligible pensioner)  Animal owned by an eligible pensioner  $27
Cat - Desexed (sold by pound/shelter) Desexed animal sold by an eligible pound or shelter  $0
Cat - Not Desexed (not recommended)  Animal with written notifications from a vet that it should not be desexed   $56
Cat - Not Desexed (recognised breeder)  Animal not desexed and kept by a recognised breeder for breeding purposes.   $56


  • If the registration fee has not been paid 28 days after the date on which the animal is required to be registered, a late fee of $18
  • The NSW Government is introducing annual permits for non-desexed cats and restricted and dangerous dogs as part of its commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving animal welfare standards.

    From 1 July 2021 owners of cats not desexed by four months of age will be required to pay an $81 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee.

    Owners of dogs of a restricted breed, declared restricted, or declared to be dangerous, including those already on the Register when the requirement came into effect, will also be required to pay a $197 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee.

    All restricted and dangerous dogs will require an annual permit.

  • For further information regarding Annual Permits please click here


For information on registration of Assistance Animals please contact Council's Ranger on T: 02 6036 0100.

Registration of a dog or cat can be done at the Council Offices in Holbrook or at the Customer Service Centres in Culcairn, Jindera or Walla Walla during business hours.

The Office of Local Government (OLG) is pleased to advise that the NSW Pet Registry website is now fully operational following completion of urgent maintenance and upgrading work for the introduction of annual permits.

Members of the public, vets, breeders and authorised identifiers now have full access to the NSW Pet Registry

Members of the public can now claim their pets, pay for pet registrations and annual permits, and reunite lost pets with their owners.