Food Safety Inspections

Food Safety Inspections

Retail food premises are regularly inspected by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure they are preparing food safely for consumers.  Inspections assess compliance against food safety standards and use a state-wide inspection checklist that covers:

  • Physical condition of the facilities.
  • Processes for food handling.
  • Food safety skills and knowledge of food handlers.

Businesses are charged a fee per inspection.  Re-inspections are undertaken where significant breaches of food safety requirements are identified.  There are also on-the-spot fines and penalties in place for serious breaches.  The NSW Food Authority also have a Name and Shame Register for businesses that are issued notices and penalties.

Routine inspections are conducted around the same time of the year each year and are normally unannounced.  Follow-up inspections occur as necessary.  The Environmental Health Officer may also conduct an inspection upon receipt of a complaint from a member of the public .


If you have missed your routine inspection or you have just opened a new retail food premises, book a food safety inspection by contacting the Environmental Health Officer, T: 02 6036 0100.


For more information about inspections and to help you prepare for your next food safety inspection, visit NSW Food Authority.